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A Passport-like Low Res Picture of Me


I'm born in 1964 in Hannover/Germany. I grew up there until I moved to Berlin as a young adult for studying political science. For several reasons my motivation to finish these studies decreased, while my interest in computers grew. I have programmed computers since I was a teenager (Commodore PET in Basic, a CDC mainframe in Algol68 with punch cards!) and eventually decided to make a living out of this hobby. So I switched my subject to computer science and graduated in 1998. After some years as a freelancer in Hamburg I came back to Berlin, mainly for private reasons, whose name is Michelle ;-). Read more about my private life., or learn about my professional background.

You may also be interested in my family's web site with many photos and our 2006/2007 US travel log.


I prefer Email because it is fast but asynchronous, I can read it from anywhere and because I'm probably sitting in front of my computer anyway (and not in front of my letterbox). You can expect me to read my email at least every other day, except during vacation. For obvious reasons I do not give you a working email link here, I hope you figure it out: "schneiderp--at--removethis--gmx--dot--removethistoo--net".

My postal address has changed recently. It is now

Peter Schneider
Pfalzburger Str. 34
D-10717 Berlin