juggler (Green) vs. snowflakes (White)
13 point Match Game 1 Green-White 0-0

Match introduction
One of my worse matches. Snowflakes played a lot better. Luck was a normal 6.9 points in my favour, but mwc adjusted it was 63 mp/move, that's quite extraordinary. I won the last 2 deciding games gammon. Another lesson that nobody can beat good dice .
The match started a litlle awkwardly because of a silly shout of mine that annoyed snowflakes. I was instantly sorry and still am. However, the match started out under some tension, and I had to pass a recube when I had thought (and shouted) that I'd win gammon.
Notable events were a big cube blunder by me in game 4, when I should have taken; a series of ugly blunders in game 5; an extreme (0.400) blunder in game 6 that cost me the game,leading to a 10:4 lead by snowflakes. The next games brought us to a 12:7 Crawford game. That was when luck turned in my favour. I managed to win this game gammon, so that at 12:9 I only needed a (doubled, of course) gammon again to win the match.
Thanks for a lucky match, snowflakes, and see you next league ;-).