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Scroll down to find a long list of archives with analyzed matches. Most of them are old, since the motivation to provide analyses has shrunk with the advent of gnubg. In the last year or so I only analyzed FibsLeaGammon matches, and they are ...

Matches in HTML Format

Some league matches are here in HTML. Redundant plain text logs and analyses are available as zip files. The html is probably only good with fast internet access. I like the framed output of Snowie, although it will only work with JavaScript ("Active Scripting" in MS terms) enabled 1. The text versions are much safer, smaller and uglier.

Exhibition match against Matvey "Falafel" Natanzon, May 9th, 2009

An sgf file with annotations is here, a html export is here.

The exhibition match was an award for winning the masters tournament of the FibsLeaGammon. Matvey "Falafel" Natanzon from Israel is one of the best players in the world, so this was an opportunity to have some brilliant backgammon played on FIBS. When I asked Franck how he managed to persuade Falafel to play the match he said "Well, I asked him and he said yes!".

Everybody including me was looking forward to the event, but in terms of representing the fibsters I probably disappointed the crowd (and myself). I didn't muster sufficient resistance and never felt I could win the match. In the end I hardly managed to win a single game. People said they felt I was a little intimidated, and perhaps a little distracted, which may be true. And then sometimes I just make gross errors, or I would be a better player.

But it was an interesting match nonetheless, offering some insight into backgammon beyond gnubg. Look at game 3, score already at 0-6, when Falafel offers what he dubbed a "trick double" later... quite instructive.

If you only look at the error rate keep in mind that a significant proportion of Falafel's errors per move come from this intentional "blunder". And some of the residual error may actually be gnubg's.

I'd like to hear comments and may incorporate interesting thoughts into the sgf file/export when I find time.

Session 27 Final Match Vs. Hardy_whv

Want to see a lucky match? My luck was 32 mp/move unadjusted resp. > 60 mp/mv mwc adjusted, which made things a little boring, actually. Reminds me of the twilight zone episode where this guy's dreams come true and he always wins in the casino. Turns out pretty quickly that he's not in heaven but in hell! match as html / match log and analysis as zipped text

Session 22

General Info

The list below are an incomplete archive of analyzed matches that I played on FIBS. I provide them mainly as a service for my opponents (this is why I have juggler_watcher watching). If you don't want your match here, give me a short notice. The selection is quite random, although I try to keep matches against good players online (look for eberlein, dlevy and others). You will find quite a few blunders of me here, but often they were more than compensated by my jokers ;-).

How to Find Your Match

Obviously, the file names contain the opp's name and a date. The list is sortable, in both directions, by a click on the column headers; matches newer than March 2004 should be on top if you sort by time twice. I heard today that some researchers identified the aging gene; now I'm glad that I used 4 digits for the year because *I* won't have a Y3k problem.

File Format and Contents

For all matches, there are zip files or gzipped tar files (*.tgz); for some newer ones, there is large but convenient html as well.

The contents of the (g)zip files differ somewhat; most of them contain the original *.mat game log, some of them contain an *.sgf from gnubg, most of them again contain a text analysis. If you have special wishes for a rollout or if you have a remark, mail me ("schneiderp--at--gmx--dot--net".)

Have fun.

1 You should normally have JavaScript disabled, because it provides too many means for malicious code to gain control over your computer, at least with MS Internet Explorer. To my knowledge, this server does not contain any malicious code; but of course, there is a remote possibility that it has been compromised without me noticing. Surf at your own risk.

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